Adding contact forms to Facebook

You can use contact forms from your website on Facebook to generate leads directly on your fanpage, and automatically send them to your SALESmanago contact database. This is possible with Static HTML: iframe tabs – a plugin, that can take the code of an iframe and put it as a tab on your page.

IMPORTANT: This option will work if your fan page has at least 200 likes. 


To begin, download the plugin. It will let you add a static HTML to your Facebook page.

Click here to download the plugin >>


Click Add Static HTML to a Page, then choose a page on which you want to put an iframe, and click Add Page Tab.


Go back to your Facebook page. On the left sidebar, a new tab Welcome should be present. Open it and click Set up tab. A dialog box will appear. Enter the code of your contact form. This code can be generated in SALESmanago.


To generate a contact form code, go to Lead Generation → HTML form and click Generate code next to a chosen form.


A dialog box will appear. Choose code type iframe, then adjust the height and width to match the size of the form. Finally, copy the code.


Go back to the Welcome tab on your page. Open it and paste the form code in the right field.

To change the name and image of the tab, go to Actions → Edit name and Image.
Click Preview to see how the form will be displayed on the page.
When everything is ready, click Save & Publish.


At this point, the contact form should appear on your Facebook page, in the new tab.


If the form had a Thank you page, it should display normally after the form is submitted.


After a contact submits a form, their details are automatically sent to your SALESmanago database. You can find contacts generated with this method in CRM, on individual contact cards.

By default, the status of each contact is set to opt-out. Contacts who submitted the form should receive emails with requests to confirm their subscription (as per the double opt-in model).


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