Event: email received from contact

The event refers to incoming mail received from contacts. The event can be applied when configuring your own incoming mail account, you have to remember that content of your incoming mail must remain on the server and be unread as well. In case of not fulfilling those conditions, rules will not run properly.

Go to Automation Processes => Automation Rules => Add New Rule

Choose Event: Email received from contact from the list of Elements.

In this event, you must specify:

[1] Subject contains: SALESmanago verifies messages received from contacts – if it finds a phrase indicated by the rule in the subject of a message, an event will be run. It could constitute a part of a message sent to a contact – if you receive a reply within the same topic, a rule will be run (e.g. you send a message named “offer concerning co-operation with ABC company” and set the rule for the phrase “offer concerning co-operation“. To clarify,  you receive a message entitled “Re: offer concerning co-operation with ABC company”. The subject contains the desired phrase that allows to trigger the rule and e.g. moving a contact to “contact responded to offer” stage in sales funnel. When providing a phrase, you can use regular expressions such as those used in URLs.

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