Integration with Facebook- social media monitoring

SALESmanago gives Its users possibility to monitor Social Media events. Thanks to executed actions by contacts using widgets on monitored websites (likes, comments, message), we can run series of automation processes for them.

For each action, scoring points are counted. This points can also be used in automation.


[A] Creating the application on Facebook for Developers>>

To create a new application, It is necessary to go to Facebook for Developers website, log in to your Facebook profile and choose Add New App option. If It is your first application, then select basic setup.



After clicking Facebook Canvas or If we already had other apps the pop-up with settings will display. In here insert the application name, contact email address and choose app category. After inserting the settings click Create a New App ID.


[B] Sharing the app

After inserting settings, the app will be visible in My Apps tab. Empty green circle next to the application’s name means that It is in the development stage and is not available for other users.


Next step is sharing the app with other users. After clicking particular app you are going to be redirected to Its details, here choose Settings -> Basic.


[B1] Privacy Policy URL – to make the app open for everyone It is necessary to insert the URL address to Privacy Policy available on your website server.

[B2] App icon – It is also necessary to add graphics as an app icon (required size is 1024×1024).

After inserting this data click Save Changes.

In the end, share the app with other users. Head over to App Review and choose Yes.


[C] App configuration

To configure the app go back to basic settings. Click Add Platform and Website.


Then in Site URL insert the address of the website you want to add widgets on. The same address insert in field App Domains.


After inserting the website URL click Save Changes.

[D] Widgets integration on the website

To integrate widgets on the website you need to go to SALESmanago system head over to Settings -> Integrations and then, in the bottom of the page choose Facebook.

Copy Social event monitoring code and paste It on the website (on which you want to display the widgets) before <body> section. If the code already exists on the page do not replace It.

In the code, in “YOUR_APP_ID” insert the ID of created app.



The next step is to insert a widget onto the website. With SALESmanago you can integrate:

  • like Box,
  • unlike box,
  • comments,
  • message.

On this website you can find the particular widget and generate code to paste It onto the website. On the left side, you can see the plugins, choose and insert Its settings. On comments example:


[D1] URL to comment on – the website that widget is going to be visible on.

[D2] Width – the width of the widget.

[D3] Number of Posts – the maximum number of posts that are going to display on the website.

Below you can see the preview of the widget.

After inserting the settings click Get Code.


Step 1 – choose the name of your application.

Step 2 – code visible in this step needs to be paste under the monitoring code and above social event monitoring code.

Step 3 – code visible in this step needs to be paste on the website, in the place where you would like It to appear.

Where can you find information about widget external events?

After conducting correct integration with the website, every interaction with the widget will be recorded in the SALESmanago system.

On contact card in Other tab:


Also at the home screen in Individual Customer and Company Behavior Profiles:


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