Integration with Google DoubleClick

The new integration of SALESmanago and Google DoubleClick allows you to better understand and communicate with your customers. By analyzing the Digital Body Language of website visitors, the SALESmanago system creates behavioral profiles and processes transactional data on both identified and anonymous users. You can then use this data to effectively personalize your omnichannel marketing and reach out to the right people in the right moment and place.


What is AdRemarketing with Google DoubleClick?

Google DoubleClick is an ad delivery & management platform. Doubleclick serves ads through RTB networks, which means purchased ads take part in instantaneous auctions. Ads are delivered to specific, previously identified website visitors.

AdRemarketing is a module that puts the synergy between Google DoubleClick and SALESmanago to advantage. Its main draw is targeting 1-to-1 ads, a highly personalized form of communication. Each ad is built around a scenario and can include recently viewed products, abandoned carts or cross-selling and upselling recommendations.


Content can be personalized based on any customer data from the SALESmanago system (such as a funnel stage in which a particular customer is located), for example:

  • LTV (Lifetime Value)
  • the regularity of purchases
  • product life cycle
  • stage in a sales funnel

Moreover, for companies in the eCommerce business that have an XML file with product information, it is possible to employ the dynamic remarketing module, automatic product recommendations, and tools for saving carts abandoned during checkout. Recommendations are based on previously gathered information on customers’ individual preferences. The system processes this data to create customized ads for each customer and deliver them when that customer is the most likely to purchase.


What possibilities does this solution offer?

  • displaying product recommendations based on behavioral and transactional data
  • displaying previously recommended products in emails and other means of communication
  • automatically select and deliver cross-sell and upsell recommendations
  • displaying products relevant to the customer’s LTV
  • automatically end campaigns for customers after they purchase
  • personalize online ads based on the offline activity of users
  • send emails with contents of abandoned carts

How can my business benefit?

  • Optimized marketing budget
  • Fully personalized communication with specific people wherever you place your ads
  • Increased traffic and more conversions
  • More active clients
  • Automatic reactivation of repeat buyers and subscribers


Integration with DoubleClick requires a combination of multiple tools, making an independent integration rather impractical. We recommend integrating with assistance from and take advantage of their well-established service and experience in integrating DoubleClick.

1. Placing an order

  • To order the integration, get in touch with HSM. Be sure to let your Project Manager know that you’re ordering the integration.
  • HSM will outline the scope of implementation and terms of service, and make an offer for your company.

2. Implementation

  • After signing an agreement with HSM you will get a special monitoring code to add to your website.
  • The next step is to sync data (ads will only work for monitored contacts).
  • Your monitored contacts in SALESmanago are synced with the code from HSM by adding a special parameter to existing SALESmanago parameters.
  • SALESmanago and HSM tracking cookies (assigned to contacts) synchronize whenever a contact enters the monitored website directly or from an email-embedded link.
  • SALESmanago prepares the mechanism of product matching to be used with ads.
3. Displaying ads
  • If you don’t have any dynamic content, place an order with SALESmanago to prepare a scenario (a mechanism of product matching), dynamic content, and code it all properly.
  • If you do have dynamic content and linked trigger rules, you can start displaying ads based on the mechanism of product matching.
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