Check out the list of available integrations regarding eCommerce, CRM, polls and many more which will enlarge the scope of actions with SALESmanago.

The SALESmanago system lets you integrate with the external platforms which enables an automatic flow of data collected by those platforms to SALESmanago.


Learn how to add the external source of data that contains details about your products and services on your website and discover the scope of additional integrations.

Additional integrations – adding data sources, SMS gateway configuration, integration of contact forms, social media integration


Get yourself acquainted with the eCommerce platforms which you can integrate with SALESmanago.

eCommerce – integration with eCommerce platforms, integration of external events


Join contact bases, exchange information between systems and create a clear customer’s profile by integrating CRM platforms with SALESmanago.

CRM – instructions on integration with CRM platforms


Learn how to integrate SALESmanago with open source WordPress software

WordPress – instructions for implementing the integration with the WordPress platform


Check the list of available integrations that let you conduct polls and automatically send results to SALESmanago.

Polls – instructions on integrations with surveying platforms


Technical documentation prepared by our developers and it includes information about performing specific actions via API.

API and Developers – technical documentation

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