Proxy mode

SALESmanago allows you to monitor contacts with whom you email regularly from your own email box: SALESmanago

  • When the contact opens the email.
  • Clicks on links contained in the email.
  • When the contact visits your website and what they are interested in.

This is possible due to the unique technology of SALESmanago mail servers, that send emails that work with clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook or any other email client.  That is why newsletters will contain elements that allow you to monitor your contacts. This helps you to use marketing automation in order to collect data from this type of  correspondence.

[1] Check the checkbox to use the proxy mode

[2] Proxy tag – provide the tag


To use the proxy mode with SALESmanago, you need to set up your mailbox (add shipping account the same as we have configured in your own mail client) and then in your mail client as an outgoing mail server enter the SMTP server whose name you have got in SALESmanago.


By checking the proxy mode, be sure to specify your mail client and the appropriate username and password is provided. To log in, you need to specify your client’s email account and password.

TIP: “Reply to” may block sending your mailing because the previous conversation is included in the reply and this may exceed the limit of the message (1 000 characters).


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