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Besides using the SALESmanago platform you can use the application and have easy access to all of the most relevant data about your marketing processes. What is more, via the application you can control contacts behavior and react to them immediately. It is a perfect solution for fast-growing environments where every minute is worth its weight in gold and being up-to-date is major. Sales associates are able to approach brand new contacts and the most active ones – the hot leads, anytime they want! The app also contains a view of the most important analytics like Open Rate and the view of the last sent emails or the ones that still need to be forwarded. SALESmanago Mobile Application is available in two language versions: Polish and English. It works on Android and it is free for everyone. Below you can see how It looks and which features are included.


Download the application from the app store, open It and insert your SALESmanago login and password so you can start working with the system via mobile device.

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After you logged in, SALESmanago main dashboard displays. It contains six tabs: START, PROSPECTS VISITS, CUSTOMER VISITS, PARTNERS VISITS, B2B VISITS, SOCIAL EVENTS.


START: in this tab, you will be able to see the total number of all Contacts, Monitored contacts, Sent Messages from last 30 days and Active Contacts.

Clicking the magnifier, you can type a particular contact name and find It in the system.



PROSPECTS VISITS: swiping further you can view contacts with prospect state, that recently visited your monitored website. What is more, you can choose which contacts exactly you would like to display by choosing exact date (the group which visited the website that day) and minimum scoring. If you set both, the group of potential clients with chosen scoring from chosen day will display.

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CUSTOMER VISITS: you can view contacts with customer state and select them by exact date and minimum scoring, the same way as previously.

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PARTNERS VISITS: you can view contacts with partner state and select them by exact date and minimum scoring, the same way as previously.

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B2B VISITS: you can also display visits of b2b companies by exact date and minimum scoring.

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SOCIAL EVENTS: If you have an integration with Facebook you can also display monitored social events. The events are monitored thanks to widgets such as: Like, Comment and Send message (via Messenger). More about Facebook Integration HERE>>


Clicking on a particular contact you can see the main information from the contact card. This dashboard contains tabs: PROFILE, ACTIVITY, TAGS, NOTES, TASKS.

PROFILE: In this tab, you can see the name and surname with state and score of the contact, when exactly the profile was created, contact email address, phone number, address and the company name.



ACTIVITY: you can also preview contact resent activity.



TAGS: here contact tags will display.



NOTES: here you can preview the notes you have added to the particular contact.



TASK: here you can preview the tasks you have assigned to the particular contact.

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CRM: is the next dashboard, It contains: START, HOT LEADS, YOUR RECENT CONTACTS, YOUR TASKS LIST. From here you can view important information about your contacts activities.


START: in this tab, you can see the preview of the number of Your contacts (assigned to a certain user), Your new contacts, Your monitored contacts, Your active contacts in chosen time period.

Clicking magnifier you can type particular contact name and find It in the system.



You can select the time period from which you want data to be displayed. You can choose: Current week, Previous week, Current month, Previous month, Current quarter, Current year.



HOT LEADS: here you can see the hot leads – the most active contacts, and just like previously you can display details about contact profile by clicking on particular one.



YOUR RECENT CONTACTS: in this tab your recently added contacts display.



YOUR TASKS LIST: you can also preview what kind of task are assigned to contacts and when were the tasks created.


In the Email Marketing dashboard you can find every essential data about email marketing processes. It contains four tabs: SART, TOP OR MESSAGES, TOP CTR MESSAGES, LAST SENT MESSAGES.


START: In this tab, you can see following statistics: Average OR (open rate – open to sent percentage ratio), Average CTR (click through rate – clicked to sent percentage ratio), Average CTOR (click to open ratio), the number of Sent messages.

Clicking magnifier you can type particular email name and find It in the system.



You can select the time period from which you want data to be displayed. You can choose: Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Current month, Previous month, Current quarter, Current year, Previous year.



TOP OR MESSAGES: here you can see the top OR messages in chosen time period. You can see the name of the message, the account owner and Its email address, date of sending, number of sent emails, Its OR and CTR.



TOP CTR MESSAGES: here you can see top CTR messages in chosen time period, and the message details.



LAST SENT MESSAGES: here you can see recently sent messages in chosen time period, and the message details.


Clicking particular email you can see the main information about It. This dashboard contains tabs: DETAILS, ADDRESSES, SENT MESSAGES, OR/CTR/CTOR.

DETAILS: you can see the Name of the message, Sender name, his Email address, when the message was Created and Sent, the total number of sent emails their OR and CTR.



ADDRESSES: you can also view which email addresses were Included in the sending and which were Excluded.



SENT MESSAGES: in this tab you can view Total number of Sent messages, Soft bounces (where the problem of failed delivery is temporary), Hard bounces (where the reason of failed delivery is permanent nature), Failed (messages with incorrect email addresses).



OR/CTR/CTOR: in the end you can display statistics of Opened, Clicked and Clicked to Open rate messages.


To Logout click off button.




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