Marketing Calendar

The SALESmanago Marketing Calendar is a simple, functional tool that you can use to organise work on a marketing campaign.

Its functions remain useful at every stage of a campaign, are easy to learn and use. You can use it to view and plan your course of action, set mailings to be sent at a specified time etc.



The calendar interface displays all actions and tasks scheduled for a period of time. We’re going to start with the basics.
The calendar overview can be set to display months, weeks or days using monthweekday

or le-meme-arrows to change pages.

To the right, you can find the Refresh refresh and Settingscog buttons. After pressing the latter, you can specify which task types to display [1] and filter them based on their owner [2].


New tasks appear in the calendar after Refreshing.


Planned tasks are shown as coloured task labels.


The marketing calendar displays three types of tasks: mailing, import and export.
On each task label, you can find the exact hour, type and description of the task it belongs to.


TIP: In order to see the detailed view of a task click its label. A small window will open with an option to display all available details dontfallasleep and an option to delete that task cross. Note that Export/Import tasks can not be deleted this way.

In the Details section, you can view detailed information on a task, according to its type.

An example view of an export task:

  • Progress: file name [1],
  • Time when the export started [2] and ended [3],
  • The user who performed the export [4],
  • Export data range [5],
  • Information on whether Details [6] or Tags [7] were imported,
  • A list of included [8] and excluded [9] contacts.

You can also view the repository from this window.


An example view of a mailing task:

  • creation [1] and sending [2] date,
  • message name [3],
  • open rate [4], click through rate [5], click through open rate [6],
  • the number of opted-out contacts [7], addressees [8], emails sent [9],
  • the number of soft [10] and hard [11] bounces,
  • the number of messages flagged as spam [12], unsent messages [13] and filtered messages [14].


An example view of an import task:

  • the number of records found [1],
  • the number of imported [2], updated [3], invalid [4], and duplicate [5] contacts in the file.

The Details button [6] will redirect you to the import analytics window.



An especially useful function of the calendar is Schedule, which, as the name implies, allows you to schedule and configure mailing to commence at a set time. You can begin to use this function by clicking the green strip on the right side of the screen. Then drag the mailing icon and drop it on a day you want to schedule mailing for.

A window will open where the following parameters can be specified:

  • Scheduled date [1],
  • Recipient email group [2],
  • Email template being used [3],
  • Subject line [4],
  • Sending Account [5],
  • Choose the optimal sending time [6] for active contacts (turned off by default) or specify at what time the message will be sent [7],
  • Select contacts [8] (by name, email, phone, tag etc.)
  • Exclude contacts [9] (by name, email, phone, tag etc.)
  • Custom filtering [10],
  • Message preview [11]

IMPORTANT: After you schedule an email to be sent later, you will be able to change only the content of the template (pictures, text, links and so on). Changes to other settings will not apply to the scheduled email. Learn how it works >>

The final two fields have 4 buttons assigned each. insert_taginsert_funnelinsert_mailinginsert_contact
You can use these to define additional parameters for those fields.
insert_tag – Insert tags (a tag database opens)
insert_funnel – Insert sales funnels (a funnel database opens, funnel tags can be expanded to choose specific stages)
insert_mailing – Insert previous mailing as recipients (a mailing database opens, items are sorted into lists)
insert_contact – Insert defined addressees
The final option is Custom Filtering custom_filtering  which allows to filter recipients based on precise criteria.

TIP: You can preview a message by clicking the miniature in the top right corner of the mailing settings window. A preview will open in a new browser tab.
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