Workflow | Action: Draw new owner from users group

This action allows you to randomly assign new owners for groups of users. Contacts are assigned to each potential owner in turn until each of them is assigned at least one contact. Then this process repeats until all contacts are assigned. If you have several sales teams, you can create an event for a particular team. Then, for one of them, a contact (that will show up in the system) would be assigned automatically. If you have several Sales departments, you can create an event in which you can automatically assign a contact which will appear in the system. This way the sellers will be able to lead their customers.



From the list of the elements in Workflow choose Action => Draw new owner from users group

Next, go to the settings of the action.

In order to set the action you need:

[Users group] – choose the user group from which the system should automatically draw the main owner

To add a group from which the user will be selected, go to Settings → other, Groups, + Users Groups. Then type the name and select users you want to add to the group.

Once you’re done, click Save changes.

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