Automation Processes

Automation processes let you automate communication with customers in various channels. It is a way of accelerating sales processes, providing sales people with leads who are ready to make a purchase and reacting individually on the contact’s behaviour on the website.

SALESmanago lets you create advanced processes thanks to automation rules that are built on the basis of three types of elements: events, conditions and actions. Each of those elements has many variants and this provides you with a wide range of possibilities for creating rules tailored to your needs. Workflow, however, aims at building multilevel marketing campaigns that include the most advanced processes.

Key features

  • Engage customers anywhere they are using multichannel automation campaigns
  • Create automation rules and define how to react to your customer`s behaviours
  • Design complex, multivariant automation Workflows with a simple Drag&Drop Editor
  • Increase sales automatically by reminding customers about products visited or added to a cart
  • Automate how your website will engage visitors with a personalized dynamic content
  • Design lead nurturing programs and scoring to warm up your leads for sales process
  • Run customer activation campaigns with dynamically adjusted offers and discounts based on a customer value
  • Automate the campaigns you had to perform manually on daily basis
  • Simply track the results of automated programs and enjoy greater efficiency


The system offers a wide range of wizards designed for sending cycles of regular emails or emails containing the product recommendations.

Wizards – Drag&Drop Email Designer, an autoresponder, lead nurturing, alerts, an abandoned cart, a dynamic email using a scenario


Make use of automated communication processes with customers and create rules that will do the tasks for you.

Automation rules – a configuration of automation rules, exemplary automation rules, analytics of automation processes


Events inaugurate the activation of rules for the contact. They let you adjust your marketing strategies individually for each contact’s behaviour.

Events – the list of events available in automation rules


Conditions in automation rules are necessary elements that need to be fulfilled by the contact at the moment when they are checked.

Conditions – the list of conditions available in automation rules


Actions in automation rules are executed for contacts as they fulfill all conditions.

Actions – the list of actions available in automation rules


RFM Marketing Automation is a solution designed especially for e-Commerce and with such a tool you can generate the highest value of a single customer in time.

RFM Marketing Automation – configuration, application and analytics


Workflow is a tool for planning and automating multilevel marketing campaigns that are activated to each contact on the basis of the behaviour of the individual customer.

Workflow – configuration, analytics, list of events, conditions and actions available in Workflow
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