Marketing insights

Marketing Insights is an AI-powered solution that analyzes SALESmanago users’ accounts in the areas of customer data, transactions, behaviors, and scope of platform usage. It automatically generates tips and insights for direct actions that marketing teams can take.

The Marketing Insights module helps marketers to make the most of the Customer Data Platform. It supports the implementation of advanced actions on the platform, inspires users to discover new possibilities, and suggests the optimization of actions based on system usage data. It is a personalized, interactive assistant that facilitates the organization of one’s work and indicates actions that will bring the best results.


Key features

  • Use personalized Insights to focus only on those activities that build value, generate revenue, and deliver measurable results.
  • React in real time to low-performing campaigns. Eliminate or modify activities that don’t deliver tangible results.
  • Focus on creativity and generating ROI within the first few days of CDP implementation. Actionable Insights will guide you through the platform.
  • Improve your work planning and effectively implement new CDP and marketing automation processes with a ready-made checklist.
  • Explore the SALESmanago CDP platform step by step with simple and effective prompts.
  • Discover new features with easy-to-follow tips and tricks. Take advantage of our marketing know-how library and combine this knowledge with your business expertise.

Marketing Insights

Explore the platform, improve campaign performance, and deliver on your marketing goals.

Actionable eCommerce Insights – translate real-time data into ready-made solutions for your business.

Tips & Tricks – give you access to the know-how of top marketing automation specialists.

Checklist – enables you to make sure you are deploying the full potential of the platform and its rich features for the best marketing results.

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