Business dashboards

Track ROI of investments on marketing and sales with fully personalized dashboards

Take a step forward to effective management and gain direct access to all information concerning transactional data, the current state of contact base and email analytics once you log into the system. Create dashboards, which not only content but also the layout can be adjusted to the individual preferences.


The main dashboard – basic contact analytics, analytics of the website traffic, behavioral profiles of visitors, website traffic in real-time;
Business dashboard – adding a personalized dashboard, the widget library, settings and widget editing, exemplary widgets;
Business dashboard – widget library – explanation of charts, explanation of time frames, 3 widget groups: Contacts, Email marketing, and Transactions;
Marketing dashboard – widget explanation, marketing dashboard editing;
Sales dashboard – widget explanation, sales dashboard editing;
Revenue Attribution Analytics and Product Analytics – detailed revenue and effectiveness analysis of individual marketing activities;

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