Customer Segmentation Center

AI, no-code hyper segmentation goes beyond traditional segmentation with real-time high propensity, churn customer identification and one-click availability across all execution channels.

The Hyper Segmentation Center allows you to create segments relevant to your business with a few clicks. With predefined segments, you can quickly prepare desired groups of contacts, even without deep knowledge of the platform and without coding skills.
Campaigns based on segmentation can lead to a significant increase in revenue. Moreover, segmentation makes companies much more likely to explore their customers’ motivations and understand their concerns and challenges. This helps companies to achieve and exceed lead-generation and revenue goals. Hyper Segmentation further enhances the quality of these efforts by adapting codeless, AI-driven solutions to bring in even greater marketing ROI.


Key features

  • Go beyond basic demographics with hyper segmentation that considers the interests and behaviors of consumers to understand their individual preferences.
  • Leverage 1:1 personalization for real-time customization of marketing campaigns, content, and customer experience in real time.
  • Identify high-potential and high-probability-to-buy segments.
  • Create, edit, manage, and analyze all segments from one unified, user-friendly center and from all places in the system where contact selection takes place
  • Use a unified interface that allows instant no-code data processing.
  • Leverage accessible and editable segmentation creators that save you time while granting precise targeting.
  • Easily target the most meaningful groups of contacts for specific campaigns without manually composing new ones for every marketing action. The AI-powered Segmentation Center will analyze customer data and deliver a list of relevant segments.

Manage your segments from one convenient center. Edit, copy, and delete selected segments with a few clicks and keep full control over them.

List of segments  – What you can find in the general overview of segments and what actions you can perform in the list of segments

Adding a segment  – How to create a new segment using the wizard

Predefined segments  – Options for addressing mailings instead of email addresses or tags

Advanced filtering options  – An overview of the possibilities of recipient group filtering

Saving segments  – Saving specific segments created within the Customer Segmentation Center

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