Customer Segmentation Center – Saving segments

When using the Customer Segmentation Center, you can create and save up to 50 segments. These actions can also be used in other places in the system. You can also save segments created at the level of, for example, message sending.

The option to save segments outside of the Customer Segmentation Center appears anywhere there is an option to select contacts, such as in Manage Contacts

CDP => Contact List => Manage Contacts

or when Exporting Contacts

CDP => Contact List => Export Contacts

When preparing an ad hoc segment or modifying an existing one while addressing a mailing or managing contacts, you have three options to save the prepared segment.

[1] Save segment – Allows you to overwrite changes on an existing segment and keep the modifications you make on the go. Can only be used when working on a created and saved segment.

[2] Save as new segment – Used to save a new segment when working outside the Customer Segmentation Center.

[3] Roll back the changes – Undoes all changes without saving.

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