Manage contacts: introduction

Mass contact management is necessary for seamless coordination of actions on contact groups. SALESmanago provides a complex tool for performing actions on selected groups of contacts.


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Contact management consists of two stages:

1. Selection of the group of contacts that you will run actions for.

2. Defining the type and details of the action.

1. Selection of the group of contacts that you will run actions for

[1] Select contacts – in this field you can determine the group of contacts you will run an action for. You can select them by:

  • inserting tag – you can select specific tags assigned to contacts,
  • inserting funnel – you can select contacts which happen to be on a specific stage in a specific sales funnel,
  • inserting mailing – you can select mailings from which you want to add contacts as recipients of the email,
  • inserting defined addressees – choose defined group as the recipient of the email.

More information about selectors

[2] Exclude contacts – determine the group that will be excluded from the action. You can add them analogically to the way you selected contacts in the field above [1].

[3] Total number of contacts – you can see the total number contacts for which the action will be run. You need to remember that the more contacts you add (tags, funnels, defined groups, excluded contacts, advanced filters), the longer the system will count the contacts.

[4] Custom filtering –  the option lets you choose contacts by means of specified parameters such as age, scoring, date of birth, external events etc.

More information about custom filtering

2. Defining the type and details of the action

Above you can find the list of the actions you can run. You can choose from the following:

Change contact opt-in/opt-out state 

Change contact valid/invalid state

Add/remove contact owner

Run the rule

Sales stages

Delete/undelete contact

Add/Delete contact’s tag

Generate coupon

Identify sex

Change contact opt-in/opt-out phone state

Change contact state

Mark as invalid contacts with incorrect email addresses

Add/delete contact detail

Generate links

Insert defined addressees

Set score


  1. After you have selected the required action click ‘Perform actions’.
  2. The time required for completing the action is basically determined by the size of the group it is run for. The larger number of contacts excluded contacts or cases of advanced filtering, the longer the process will take.
  3. You can run several actions simultaneously.
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