Customer Preference Center

The Customer Preference Center is a high-end Customer Preference Management tool that allows eCommerce businesses to gather data directly from their customers (Zero-Party Data) and immediately activate this data by executing omnichannel campaigns in real time.

Many tools ensure the flow of valuable zero-party data to the Customer Data Platform. These include quizzes, pop-ups, and other forms. The most advanced tool that combines the capabilities of these features is state-of-the-art Customer Preference Centers. They allow users to share and manage the most important information about themselves and how they see their relationship with the brand in a single place

The Customer Preference Center allows you to use various built-in tools from the Customer Data Platform to collect information about consumers. You can freely combine and use them to get to know your audience even better.

Importantly, such data can be collected and developed in any scope and direction, depending on how the business, product line, and customers evolve. Use it to build better personalized communication that increases Customer Lifetime Value.

Key features

  • Make your customers feel like you’re listening to them by giving them a platform on which to freely share and manage their preferences.
  • Effectively increase consumer engagement by enhancing the data-sharing process to continuously grow their Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Build longer-lasting, meaningful relationships with consumers by giving them complete control of their data and listening to their suggestions to minimize churn rates.
  • Give your customers a voice to hyper-personalize your marketing campaigns and processes using their individual preferences, and increase conversion rates.
  • Always reach your customer with the highest IP reputation and deliverability
  • Build a relationship based on informed consent, with no middlemen in the process. Own the data you use and control the development of the relationship and the direction of the conversation.
  • Gain independence from third-party data by focusing on collecting, managing, and using your own zero- and first-party data to prepare for a cookie-less future and new data privacy regulations.

Customer Preference Center—basic information

Customers are willing to share their data in return for a more personalized experience. Create a Customer Preference Center and allow customers to manage their interests, personalize your offer, and express their purchase intentions.

Customer Preference Center Tour—discover the Customer Preference Center and its applications.

Customer Preference Center | Marketing uses—learn the basics of the Customer Preference Center. See examples of marketing uses for this feature. 

Customer Preference Center | Data types—learn what types of data you can collect in the Customer Preference Center. Discover their importance and see examples.

Customer Preference Center | Wizard—see how to create a Customer Preference Center step by step.

Customer Preference Center | Dashboard and analytics—see what you can find on the analytical Dashboard of the Customer Preference Center and how to move around it.

Customer Preference Center | Draft list—see what you can find on the Draft list and what actions you can take for draft Centers.

Customer Preference Center | Key Information—see what Key Information is, how to create it, and how to put it to use.

Customer Preference Center—further actions

A Customer Preference Center allows you to use various built-in tools from the Customer Data Platform to ethically collect information directly from consumers and apply that information to your marketing processes.

Customer Preference Center | Implementation on your website—learn how to prepare a special space that contains your perfectly designed Preference Center.

Customer Preference Center | Collecting data—learn how to collect Zero-Party Data through the Customer Preference Center.

Customer Preference Center | Data uses—learn how to use Zero-Party Data gathered via the Customer Preference Center.

Customer Preference Center—using data for segmentation and recommendation purposes

Create Contact Segments and Recommendations with scenarios that show your customers products that match their preferences. Apply Segmentation and Recommendations in advanced omnichannel communication.

Customer Preference Center | Creating a segment based on customer preferences—create a segment based on preferences indicated by customers.

Customer Preference Center | Website recommendations—create a Recommendation Frame that will grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to purchase products that actually interest them.

Customer Preference Center | Email recommendations—create a Recommendation Frame with a scenario based on which products that correspond to customer interests are selected and sent to Contacts in individually tailored dynamic emails.

Customer Preference Center | Recommendations in Web Push notifications—configure recommendation scenarios for your Dynamic Web Push notifications.

Customer Preference Center—using data in Automation Rules and Workflows

Combine zero-party data and marketing automation to improve the quality of your Contact database, achieve higher conversion rates, and boost your eCommerce revenue growth.

Workflow Event: Key Information provided by Contactapply Zero-Party Data to Automation Processes.

Workflow Event: Preference for Channels & Frequency indicated by Contactapply Zero-Party Data to Automation Processes.

Workflow Condition: Contact has Key Informationapply Zero-Party Data to Automation Processes.

Workflow Condition: Contact indicated preferences for Channels & Frequencyapply Zero-Party Data to Automation Processes.

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