Website Automation

Website automation enables real-time contextual delivery of fully automated and personalized touchpoints such as popup, exit popup, web push or live chat to people visiting the website. The time of their display and content are adjusted in a 1-to-1 model for both customers who have their own behavioral-transactional profile in SALESmanago and anonymous users depending on how they behave on the website.


Find out how webiste automation rues work and use their potential.

Website automation – creating a new rule
Website automation analytics
Website Automation – adding to the Automation Rules and Workflow



An event is an element necessary to trigger a rule for a contact or anonymous users. The rule however can consists of more than just one event. In such situation it is enough for a contact to fulfill just one event from the list to trigger a rule. Events are verified on a basis of the word “or”. Learn more about other elements.

Website Automation | event: Contact visited URL


The application verifies conditions on a basis of the word “and”. All conditions, if set, needs to be fulfilled to run a action “If YES”. If not, you have a option to use action “If NO”.

Website Automation | condition: Anonymous/monitored contact on URL
Website Automation | condition: Contact visited URL X times



Find out in details how all the available actions work. Remember, it is possible to set action “If NO”, which can be triggered when a contact does not fulfill conditions of the rule.

Website Automation | action: Display pop-up
Website Automation | action: Display chat icon with text
Website Automation | action: Display chat with text
Website Automation | action: Display consent form on Web Push
Website Automation | action: Execute custom script
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