Actions in automation rules are triggered for contact that fulfill all the assumptions within a rule. Learn more about other actions.


Find out in details how all the available actions work. Remember, it is possible to set action “If NO”, which can be triggered when a contact does not fulfill conditions of the rule.

Action: Send email to a contact
Action: Send alert to the user
Action: Send SMS to the contact
Action: Send Web Push notification
Action: Send a dynamic Web Push
Action: Send VMS to the contact
Actions: Add tag to a contact
Action: Delete tags
Action: Add scoring to tag
Action: Add scoring to a contact
Action: Opt in contact
Action: Set scoring
Action: Add a contact on stage in the funnel
Action: Delete contact from funnel
Action: Change the contact’s status
Action: Add note
Action: Add task for the user
Action: Add/change contact detail
Action: Set main owner/co-owner
Action: Add/delete contact in the group Custom Audiences
Action: Identify sex
Action: Draw new owner from users group
Action: Generate a coupon for a contact
Action: Run another automation rule
Action: Display banner
Action: Send to Zapier
Action: Send information about executed rule
Action: Send contact to Focus Telecom
Action: Run Website Automation rules
Action: Add/remove a contact to a Google Ads group
Action: Add/remove a contact to an Adform group
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