Command Center

Command Center is the future of managing your marketing processes. Find out how you can easily plan the sending of emails, text messages, and Web Push notifications for the whole year using one panel.

SALESmanago, meeting customer expectations, enables quick access to a preview of campaigns planned for the entire calendar year. Using a simple Drag & Drop tool, simply drag a previously created campaign to a selected day in the calendar and watch it unfold with the help of advanced marketing automation capabilities.

Key features

  • Build your Marketing Management Cockpit with a centralized view of all your marketing processes and assets organized in Solutions and KPI oriented mode
  • Get a full understanding of how your marketing processes are working
  • Switch from an ad hoc and siloed way of running campaigns to building comprehensive processes using all available tools and channels at your hand
  • Create and analyze your marketing activities targeting your customers at different stages in their lifecycle from one, easy-accessible center
  • Use the advanced Calendar to easily plan and supervise all planned marketing activities

Web Push Notifications—Basic Information

Web push and rich web push notifications allow for more efficient communication with contacts in real time. The content is sent to the user’s computer screen via the browser. Regardless of whether the contact is present on the monitored page, the information will appear. The only conditions for this feature to work are that the contact has subscribed and that the browser is on.

Command Center Calendar – see how to use the calendar view to manage and view marketing campaigns

Command Center Campaigns – use the campaign planning screen to build even more advanced marketing processes and prepare your strategy from scratch

Elements – use the Drag & Drop tool to create advanced campaigns from the calendar or plan marketing strategies, all in one panel available in the SALESmanago system

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