Mobile Marketing

Thanks to the Mobile Marketing module, you can expand the communication with your database contacts by sending SMS and text messages via WhatsApp and Viber.

This module can help you in diversifying your campaigns – monitor customer activity in the mobile application, expand communication thanks to personalized text messages, and automate their sending using automation rules. Send communication via all available channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber, or use only one of these channels by setting the channel priority. The module also includes a detailed analytical panel that allows you to verify the efficiency of your campaigns and track the status of each individual message.

Key features

  • Track your customer behaviour in the mobile app
  • Enrich your CRM with a mobile app behaviour data and location
  • Go beyond email marketing and use text, voice and push messages
  • Personalize content and delivery time for each contact
  • Automate communication with your contacts on their mobile devices
  • Use product recommendations in text and push messages
  • Create fully responsive content tailored to your customers’ mobile devices
  • Measure the results with advanced analytics
  • Use WhatsApp and Viber integrations and send text messages via them


Integrate messengers with the SALESmanago system and use the opportunities offered by Mobile Marketing 2.0 today:

WhatsApp (MessageBird) integration – check how to connect WhatsApp with the SALESmanago system and how to send invitations to contacts.
Viber (Infobip) integration – integrate Viber to send not only SMS, but also text messages in your Mobile Marketing.


Choose an SMS provider and integrate it with the system.

SMS gate configuration – configuration and settings of SMS gateway



Send text message – see how to send text messages using SMS gateways, WhatsApp, or Viber.
Birthday messages – send birthday messages, create templates, and enjoy the unlimited possibilities of our creator.
Mobile Marketing Dashboard – analyze the effects of your campaigns based on information in advanced analytics of sent text messages thanks to the new Dashboard.
Sent messages analytics – preview statistics of specific text messages, see what results the campaign brings and what else could be improved in it. 
Individual message list – control the course of each conversation with a contact.  


Sending an SMS for example on birthdays will help you in building a brand loyalty. Use automation rules to send the SMS in a response to contact’s activity.

Sending SMS message – sending text messages, adding an SMS template
Birthday SMS – choosing addressees, sending birthday text messages, methods of assigning date of birthday and a telephone number to a contact
SMS Analytics – reports on the receivability
Action: Send SMS to the contact – sending text messages automatically through Automation Rules


Set settings for sent messages.

Email and SMS settings – establishing the limits of sent emails and text messages


Workflow | Action: Send text message (mobile marketing)
Automation Rules | Action: Send text message (mobile marketing)
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