Mobile Marketing

Expand a communication with your customers by sending text messages.

Let this channel be an excellent complementation of your marketing strategy – monitor activity of your customers in a mobile application, extend the communication with personalized text messages and automate sending of those messages by means of automation rules. The channel consist of an analytical panel.

Key features

  • Track your customer behaviour in your mobile app
  • Enrich your CRM with a mobile app behaviour data and location
  • Go beyond an email marketing and use text, voice and push messages
  • Personalize content and delivery time for each individual contact
  • Automate communication with your contacts on their mobile devices
  • Use product recommendations in text and push messages
  • Create a fully responsive content perfectly fitting your customers’ mobile devices
  • Measure results with advanced analytics


Choose an SMS provider and integrate it with the system.

SMS gate configuration – configuration and settings of SMS gateway


Sending an SMS for example on birthdays will help you in building a brand loyalty. Use automation rules to send the SMS in a response to contact’s activity.

Sending SMS message – sending text messages, adding an SMS template
Birthday SMS – choosing addressees, sending birthday text messages, methods of assigning date of birthday and a telephone number to a contact
SMS Analytics – reports on the receivability
Action: Send SMS to the contact – sending text messages automatically through Automation Rules


Set settings for sent messages.

Email and SMS settings – establishing the limits of sent emails and text messages
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