Email deliverability

In the interests of the highest email delivery and in accordance with the anti-spam policy, at SALESmanago we guide our customers all the way from configuring DKIM and SPF keys, through creating the right contact database to words considered spam. See how you can improve the quality of your mailings and improve the reputation of your sending domain.


Learn the basics – start by creating the perfect email, learn the basic and advanced practices that will make designing mailings simple and fun. Streamline the entire process of reaching your audience:

Email onboarding – keep your mass email campaigns at the highest possible level, learn how to build trust, and ensure deliverability,

Basic practices for creating and sending emails – see how to create an attractive email, both visually and in terms of content,

Advanced practices for creating and sending messages – check out our tips on email design and see how personalization works to your advantage,

Words considered spam – see what spam filters are and how they work, and find out what words are most commonly caught by them.


Learn how to build an effective mailing list and how to segment it. Create a mailing system for your campaigns. If the mailing list is no longer a mystery to you – see how to manage it more efficiently and gain new customers even more effectively:

Basic email list building see how to effectively acquire contacts, manage your database and send emails in the most efficient way,

Advanced email list building – see how to configure your email list for higher efficiency.


Make your email marketing more efficient step by step: 

Understanding email deliverability – find out what stages the message must go through to ultimately reach the client,

Deliverability requirements  find out how to increase your CTR, learn how to avoid ending up in a spam folder and know what a spam trap is,

Email delivery – find out what for ESPs responsible for email deliverability, how can sender’s IP be verified, and how to use feedback loops to your advantage,

DKIM key – use DKIM, connect a domain with an email server and confirm the authenticity of the email address from which the email is sent,

SPF key configuration –  learn how to use SPF record for authenticating the email address,

ISP Feedback – use ISP to make sure you’re avoiding common mistakes and learn how to improve your list’s health.

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