Condition: contact came from the source

The condition is met when a Contact enters your website from the source specified in the condition (this can be an external domain, your own domain or a specific URL address on your domain).

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The following settings must be defined:

[1] Condition type – Contact came from the source.

[2] Source – specify an external domain, or a URL address on your own domain, to which the condition is to apply.


IMPORTANT: In the case of an external domain, only the domain (or subdomain) must be entered in the “Source” field, e.g.: or If a specific URL path is provided, the condition will not work.

If the condition is to apply to your own domain, you can indicate a full URL address.

IMPORTANT: To create a condition: “Contact did not come from the source”, check [A].

Having defined your settings, click on “Save changes”.

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