Condition: new external event occurred

The condition is fulfilled if a specific external event occurs. An external event is a method of supplying data by API and it serves to integrate Internet shops – including adding a product to the cart or making a purchase. Such conditions can be used, for example, to exclude from a rule those contacts who have not made a purchase for a particular period of time (e.g. 24 hours).

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The condition must include:

[1] The type of condition: new external event occurred.

[2] Event type: external event type, defined during the process of integration. For the stores integrated by default with SALESmanago, the ‘Cart’ event will relate to the action of adding product to the cart, while ‘Purchase’ denotes making a purchase. Other options include: ‘Visit’, ‘Phone call’ and other individually defined specific events with a unique ID assigned by you.

[3] Optionally: verification of additional parameters

  • Time – every external event features entry date shown in a table. This date does not have to reflect the actual  moment the event occurs. You can set events to be considered, and that can be any of those that occurred after the date specified in the event.


  • VALUE – rules analogy to those regarding the verification of additional detail values. Find out more.


  • Products imported to SALESmanago in a special column via API. The products may be imported e.g as individual IDs or several products entered after a comma.


  • Detail – if necessary, up to 10 additional details defined by the user can be included in an external event, to be later used in an automation rule. The event will work if the value of the detail in the event is identical to the one set in the rule.



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