Condition: parcel delivery via Paczkomaty

Use this condition if you wish the automation rule to cover the contacts who have placed orders and – when selecting delivery options – opted for delivery through a self-service pick-up point (Paczkomat).

You will be able to, for example, find out which of your customers did not choose the self-service pick-up option while selecting delivery mode, and then create an email to encourage them to use this service with their future orders. You can also send a thank-you email to those who have opted for this delivery scheme.

Note: To use that feature the user need to create an account in Paczkomaty System and use email address the he or she used to create it, as a System Client .



The condition must include:

[1] The type of condition: parcel delivery via Paczkomaty.

[2] Email in Paczkomaty:  type in the email address used for logging into Paczkomaty System.



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