Content personalization for Landing pages

The content on a Landing page can be personalized similarly to dynamic emails or Facebook apps.
In order to display a personalized site, you should supply an additional parameter – contactID or email. Read the ContactID from a cookie or use the SALESmanago API hasContact method.
Landing page personalization is based on a script language called Freemarker. When processing the script, the following objects are available:

contactDetails – details of the contact for which an email message is to be generated,
parameters – parameters provided when requesting mailing,
freeText1, freeText2, freeText3 – any text of your choice, supplied when requesting mailing,
dataSource – XML data source (to be configured using the Settings > Other tab) (see more).
1. For example, if you wish to enter the contact’s name in the email’s header – use the following command:


2. It is possible to display a discount coupon on the Landing page – this action can be performed with the following command:

[#list as coupon][#if'LP_10PLN']${}[/#if][/#list]

‘LP_10PLN’ – to be replaced by the actual name of the coupon.

The coupon’s value (code) will be displayed as a result.

3. If you wish to display an additional detail, use the following command:

[#list as prop] [#if == 'detail_name']${prop.value}[/#if] [/#list]

– a personalized photo can also be displayed as an additional detail – using the following command:

[#list as prop] [#if == 'photo'] <img src="${prop.value}" alt="" /> [/#if] [/#list]


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