Sharing data between accounts

SALESmanago supports several mechanisms of a contact data sharing:

Regular User Account, with a no parent account defined:

  • the user can see his own contact card view, including tags,
  • the user can only modify data for his own contact, including tags,
  • for such accounts it is possible to assign a ‘ownership’ for a particular contact on the contact card (by another user) or by means of the ‘Contact Management’ option.

Manager Account:

  • user can see contacts of all the other users, access and edit the contact card view for any other user within the system.

Seller and Marketer Accounts:

  • without assigned Parent Account they function as regular accounts, with diversification of application functions available,
  • if a Parent Account has been assigned a user:
  1. can view all the Parent’s contacts,
  2. can view and edit the contact card view that is shared with the Parent’s account (including tags),
  3. if the ‘Display only directly assigned contacts’ option has been clicked, they can only see contacts they own and for those contacts they can see the ‘shared’ contact card view.

Each SALESmanago platform user can:

  • define notes for a contact as private, without sharing them with other users,
  • define tasks as private,
  • emails that the user sends to his contacts can only be seen by this user and his manager.

This configuration of data sharing rules enables you:

  • to combine work of several departments, provided a ‘parent’ has been defined for the user, to which e.g. new contacts are assigned from forms,
  • to work on several www products/services in the case of multiple individual accounts (and linking users with various ‘parent’ accounts).
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