Dynamic newsletters – applications for the RSS channel

SALESmanago enables you to take advantage of RSS channels for creating dynamic emails with news generated by you. For an email which will feed the current news we recommend setting up periodic mailing.

How to prepare message and set up periodic mailing:
1. The first step will be to create a template with appropriate attributes, which will feed the most recent information from your postings (according to data). You can choose from the following:

Title – $RSS.title$
Description – $RSS.description$
Link to the posting  – $RSS.link$
Posting date  – $RSS.date$
Author – $RSS.author$
Posting content – $RSS.content$
Enclose everything in {$RSS:number of news;channel URL RSS$}…{/$RSS$}, e.g.


The above-mentioned attributes can also be added with the ‘Insert placeholder’ button:

Next step: prepare the message with the prepared template and save both.

2. Go to Email Marketing-> Periodic Emails and click ‘Add new email’. Select the message you have created and add: Name [1], Cycle [2], Sender [3], Topic [4] and First Mailing Date [5]. Other fields are optional. With such settings the email will be sent to the entire database weekly, beginning from 23 January, 13:48.

3. Look at this example of a message containing data from the RSS channel:


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