Email Subject AI Grader

Email Subject AI Grader is a unique solution that involving AI technology and Machine Learning measures how strong your email subject is. It is an intelligent tool which thanks to all data stored in the system analysis subject of your email, provides feedback from 0 to 10 and shows if a particular subject will be interesting for addressees. The higher number on the scale, the higher OR rate you can observe.

What is more, apart from the overall mark, the system analyses each word separately. This feature helps you to get rid of words which customers do not consider positive. Remember that OR and CTR rates depend also on the strength of your subject. The more messages you send, the more precise rates you observe. The system keeps on learning how customers react to various words and the final mark always refers to your profile.

To use this feature, select Email Marketing on the main menu and next, go to List of emails. Select a message and click Send. You will be redirected to the preview of your email and Email Subject AI Grader (you will see it in the top left-hand corner).

[1] Email subject – invent a subject for your email which will be analyzed
[2] Effectiveness of your email subject – strength of your email subject is presented on the scale from 0 to 10 (0 for the least effective subject, 10 for the strongest one). Click See more if you want to see details.

[1] Effectiveness of your email subject – strength of your email subject presented on the scale and marked with colours (red for the least effective subject, 10 for the strongest one)
[2] Analysis of particular words – SALESmanago system analyses email subject as a whole but also determines effectiveness of particular words. Single words are marked as follows:

– black colour for words which are excluded from the analysis. The list includes:

  • so called “stop words” which are considered neutral, used for grammatical reasons, usually they do not have any special meaning. Examples of such words are as follows: at, a, an, your, I etc.
  • words that do not exist in our base because they are never (or rarely) used and their influence on addressees’ reaction in email subjects in unknown.
  • words which do not appear in dictionaries

– colours (from red to green) for words which are analyzed and influence the overall effectiveness of your subject

Thanks to Email Subject AI Grader you can create an effective email subject and as a consequence, contact with your customers more successfully.

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