Event: contact filled in zip code

This event allows you to detect when the user enters a „post code” field. It applies both to the new and to the already existing contacts. The rule is also triggered when the user enters data through other contact forms. With this event your tags can be automatically assigned to contacts with a specific zip code – please note, that on a contact card the information must be entered in the „address” field. To trigger the rule enter the beginning of the code (first three digits) so the event will be assigned to all the codes that has those digits.

NOTE: the system counts every character of the zip code, therefore if you want to assign a contact to a particular post code, do not forget to type a dash „-”. For example, if you would like to add a 31-504 code, type 31-5 and the rule will trigger for every code that starts with those digits. This event is compatible even with international zip codes.

Example: „contact filled in a zip code” event and „add tag to the contact” action. By choosing these functionalities you are able to create a geolocation of a contact, f.e assign it to a particularity district.


To start this event:

Event: Contact filled in zip code

Zip code: type the zip code or its part.

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