Event: Tag scoring is greater than or equal

This event activates when the scoring of a particular tag reaches exactly the set value.

For example, you can set a rule that assigns a “price list” tag and the tag receives one point each time a user visits a subpage with the price list. So, if you create Event “Tag scoring is greater than or equal 50”, then the event will work when the subpage is visited 50 times, in other words, it receives 50 points.

Go to Automation Processes => Automation Rules => Add New Rule

From the list of the elements choose Events => Tag scoring is greater than or equal.

Then, go to the settings of the event:


In this event, you should specify the:

[1] Tag –  enter the name of the tag with which the event is connected.

[2] Score –  set the value to trigger the rule when reached.

TIP: If the Score value is set to 50, then the event will start right after the scoring reaches 50 and more. 

Tag scoring can be granted by the automation rules, segmentation matrices or by adding the tag repeatedly via API.

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