Integration with Zapier

Zapier is one of the largest Internet platforms used to integrate various applications and automate data exchange between them. Integration allows data to be exchanged between SALESmanago and any other application linked to Zapier. Applications provided by Zapier, which support SALESmanago integrations include: Asana, Evernote, Facebook Pages, Gmail, Go to meeting, Go to webinar, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and many others.


1. Set up your ZAPIER account or log in to it, using the link you will find HERE (select: accept invite and go to the dashboard).

2. After logging in to the system select the Make a Zap tag to proceed to integration.

3. From all integrations available select those applications that you want to integrate and define the task by selecting Choose a trigger and action e.g. Gmail with SALESmanago.


4. Set the kind of data to be sent to SALESmanago (or with SALESmanago – depending on the following setting: ‘when this happens -> do this’).

5. Settings related to SALESmanago:


Parameters API SECRET and CLIENT ID  are taken from SALESmanago SETTINGS -> INTEGRATION -> API Access.


In SERVER IDENTIFICATOR – enter app1 or app2. If you are not sure as to what server your SALESmanago account is hosted on, check whether the URL link available after logging in to the system contains ‘app2’. If yes, enter ‘app2’, otherwise – type in ‘app1’.


 6.  When setting information are ready to be sent, in the OWNER EMAIL field enter the email address you use for logging into SALESmanago.


a) To send information on a contact from SALESmanago to Zapier, you will need to set an automation rule in the SALESmanago system. The rule can begin with any event, but need to be ended with ACTION: SEND ZAP. More information available here >>

b) For more information on automations and interesting solutions check this blog:  Marketing Automation here >>

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