Integration Focus Telecom

Integration of SALESmanago system with Focus Telecom aims at sending the contact data of customers from SALESmanago application to a campaign that is created in Focus Contact Center. Focus Contact Center enables you to contact your customers via phone, which significantly broadens your communication channel. 


Choose Focus Telecom tab and fill in the data.

[1] Domain – enter a website address,

[2] Login – enter the login to your Focus Contact Center,

[3] API Key – enter your individual entering key provided by Focus Contact Center.

After filling in the data and successful verification, you can see available Action: Send a contact to Focus Telecom in Automation Process => Automation Rules. The action sends contact data (the name, company, email address and telephone number) to Focus Contact Center. 

IMPORTANT: Name, company, email address and telephone number are compulsory pieces of information on the contact card. Without them or in the absence of one of the elements the contact data will not be sent successfully. 

The contacts will be visible in the Focus Contact Center:

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