Landing pages – website security

In Landing page content you can find confidential information and it should be always marked as “secure”. In order to display such a website, it is required to build a unique URL address. An address can be built in such form:


  • name – name of Landing page,
  • shortId – client identificator in SALESmanago,
  • style – additional parameter of Landing page frame which can define e.g. its style,
  • contactId / email – parameter which identifies a contact (can be used with other parameters),
    • contactId – contact ID which can be taken from API,
    • email – contact’s email address,
  • sha – secure key calculated by SHA1 function from client’s ID concatenation, ID or contact’s email and Landing page key:
    sha = sha1(shortId + contactId/email + msKey + name)
    You can find Landing page key in: „Settings” > „Integration”, name = Landing page name.
    When there are no parameters which identify a contact (contactId or email address) sha parameter is calculated as follows:
    sha = sha1(shortId + msKey + name)

IMPORTANT: When you do not know Landing page key you cannot generate the link to the website. However, when the third person gets the link, website content can be displayed for this person.

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