Integration with

SALESmanago is integrated with a tool dedicated for the users to create landing pages. Each contact who has subscribed via forms previously created on this platform will be dropped to your SALESmanago account together with the data of entering in the form fields.

How to integrate forms on a landing page

1. Go to and click ‘Edit’ on the form you have created.

2. You will need Endpoint [1], Client ID [2] and API Secret [3] that you can find on your SALESmanago account (Settings->Integration)


3. Open the form editor on; select Integrations -> SALESmanago from the menu and complete the following fields: Your Client’s ID [1]; API Secret [2]; URL: Endpoint [3]; Contact’s owner email [4] – login for the account to which you wish to add contacts. Enter any existing tags [5] from the SALESmanago account or specify new tags [5] to be included in an email message that will be sent to the system. Remember to assign the form fields to proper values in the integration [6].

Once those settings have been saved, your form on will be integrated with your SALESmanago account. Every consecutive form will require similar settings.

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