Recognizing incorrect/inactive email addresses

SALESmanago users can easily be informed of incorrectly spelled, inactive or fake email addresses.

Automatic notifications of “Bounced” emails.

Hard bounces are email replies that indicate that our email has been rejected by the contact’s server and was not delivered. This is usually a permanent situation. Upon receiving a hard bounce email there is no point in continuing your effort to send the email again. Sometimes this is simply an error in spelling. Most often however, the case is that the contact used a fake email to access your information and there would be no point in stressing your email servers by sending them over again. SALESmanago can automatically add that types of email addresses to our RBL (Real-Time Blackhole List).

In addition to “hard bounces”, there are also the so called “soft bounces”. These are the incidents where you are informed by an email that the contact’s email box is full or the email server is not active at the moment. It is also possible that if you included a large attachment, the server will reject it. This is usually a temporary problem that can be fixed/edited.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation checks hard bounces and automatically marks them as fake/incorrect emails. The system will no longer try to send the message to the same address again. The system will not remove the address from the database, as this has to be done manually.  You can do it by clicking on the CRM > Contacts.




You we can correct any possible misspellings.

If you are sure that this email is incorrect/fake, can delete the email from any future mailings.

Clicking on DETAILS, you will see the following option. All you have to do is to DELETE the contact.


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