RFM Marketing Automation action: add a custom audience

In the RFM Marketing Automation dashboard you can perform various actions on contact segments, such as running automation rules, managing contacts and assigning tags.

There is also a possibility of adding a custom audience to a selected contact segment. Keep in mind that every contact included in the generated segment will be automatically moved to a Custom Audience contact group. Deleting a contact from the segment also deletes that contact from the Custom Audience.

In order to perform this action go to:

Start -> Automation Processes -> RFM Marketing Automation: RFM Analytics


On a segment you want to work on, click the second button (see: screenshot). The Execute action window will open. From a drop-down list choose Add Custom Audience. Then fill in the fields.


[1] Type – you can change the performed action to another one from the list (all unsaved data will be lost)

[2] New Custom Audience/Existing Custom Audience – choose whether you want to use a new custom audience or an existing one for the purpose of this action

[3] Ad account – chose your ad account

[4] Name – provide the name for this custom audience

[5] Description – provide a description for this custom audience

[6] Opt-out URL – choose an opt-out URL

To go back and discard all changes press Close. To save and execute the action press Execute.

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