SALESmanago and BaseLinker Integration | Marketing Uses

Integration between BaseLinker and SALESmanago allows you to collect customer data from multiple channels, including marketplace platforms, and to use it in hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.


  1. Basic Information
  2. How It Works
  3. Use Cases

1. Basic Information

The unique BaseLinker module allows you to complement omnichannel communication with data from popular marketplaces. Combining it with SALESmanago allows you to fully leverage transactional and behavioral contact data from multiple channels to drive consistent omnichannel communication.

  • As much as 47% of global online shopping takes place on marketplace platforms (Statista).
  • Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers (Aberdeen Group).

2. How It Works

When consumers buy products from your marketplace store, the data are added to BaseLinker. By integrating BaseLinker with SALESmanago, you can use this information to automatically create new contacts and add information about existing ones.

Learn how to integrate your SALESmanago account with BaseLinker

AI & Machine Learning algorithms use customer data from all available channels, including marketplace platforms, to create perfectly tailored omnichannel campaigns.

You can create different types of campaigns to:

  • Encourage marketplace customers to buy from your eCommerce platform,
  • Incorporate information about products purchased outside of eCommerce into your customer communications,
  • Remind contacts about great deals for their favorite shopping channels.

3. Use Cases

Leverage your customers’ data from all channels:

Contact Database

  • Complete contact cards with transactional data from the Allegro marketplace
  • Expand the database with contacts acquired through transactions on marketplace platforms
  • Get a full view of your customers’ purchase history, regardless of the transaction source


  • Create advanced segments based on transactional and behavioral data
  • Use knowledge of purchased products to create dynamic segments
  • Use contact intelligence to hyper-personalize your marketing efforts

Automation Processes

  • Use your contacts’ information, including tags that tell you the source of their transactions, in your automation rules to further tailor your actions to your contacts’ buying behavior
  • Send your contacts automated messages based on their behavior to encourage them to visit your eCommerce or marketplace store

Omnichannel Communication

  • Use information about products purchased via marketplace platforms to create advanced campaigns across multiple channels
  • Target your campaigns to specific segments based on user purchases in your online store and on marketplace platforms
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