Integration with LiveSpace CRM

Thanks to integration, the data about contacts attained by SALESmanago is automatically uploaded to LiveSpace CRM, that can then be used by sales workers to create effective segmentation which lead to an increase in closing sales. This integration is divided into two part. Any data that is uploaded by LiveSpace CRM is automatically uploaded to SALESmanago. According to the rules already established, automated marketing can begin immediately.

Integration with SALESmanago and LiveSpace

In SALESmanago system, go to Settings > Integration. The data you need can be found in Client ID and API secret.


Next, go to LiveSpace, Settings > Integration > SALESmanago. You need the same data that we needed from SALESmanago.  In the address field, we write in the email address of the person who we will be uploaded the contacts.

Then move on to Livespace: Settings -> Integration -> SALESmanago and the data from the point. 1.-site E-mail address of the user served in SALESmanago to which you want to assign contacts.

Now the integration is ready.

Configuring the integration

Transmission of data from Livespace to SALESmanago

Available options to choose from:

  • Automatically save new contacts to SALESmanago – automatically add a new contact to the SALESmanago database
  • Save to SALESmanago tagged contacts only – organize contacts by tags, separated by commas
  • Automatic opt-in when you add a contact – the default opt-in for contacts
  • Automatic opt-out after removal of contact – removal of contact in LiveSpace will change opt-in to opt-out

Data transmission from SALESmanago to Livespace

Available options to choose from:

  • Automatically download new contacts from SALESmanago – automatically add a new contact to the LiveSpace database
  • Download from SALESmanago only contacts that are tagged – we can then organize contacts by tags, separated by commas
  • Overwrite the data in LiveSpace data from SALESmanago (name, phone, email) – overwrite data that has been changed in SALESmanago

Note: Data synchronization happens approximately every hour.  If you want to download data immediately, click “import contacts from SALESmanago”.

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