Set an automatic alert – a contact visited a website

An example automation rule: an alert is sent to a user when a contact visits a website.

You can set this rule for contact scores that have exceeded a predefined value.

Mode of use: if you have, for example, a price list on your website, you can set an alert that will be sent directly to the sales person as soon as a contact visits your website. The Sales Team will be informed automatically, therefore they will be able to contact a potential customer really quickly.



[A] Name – provide a name that will be used for identifying this rule in the system.

[B] Group – you can add a new group or choose any of the previously created. Groups are used to collate rules in the system.

[C] Share this rule with other users – select the checkbox if you want the rule to become visible on other accounts and to apply to all the contacts in the database.

[D] Rule run settings – choose either:

  • The number of rules per one contact – the rule will be run only once for every contact that causes the event. In the example above, you can see that for one contact the alert will be sent just once.
  • The interval between instances of the rule being run per one contact (days) – if you have more that one rules run for a contact you can set how many times an alert will show up.


[E] Events – choose the contact visited URL event from the list site and drop it onto the central field. Then enter the URL of the website, for example /pricelist. The alert will then be sent when the contact visits a subpage with the price list. The next step is choosing a time slot, and the visit duration that triggers the alert.

[F] Actions – choose send alert to the user and drop it onto the central field.

[F1] Options – click here to choose the action options.


[G] Alert description – describe the alert.

[H] CC – you can add an additional email address. The alert will be sent to the account where a rule was created.

IMPORTANT: In the CC field (carbon copy) do not type email addresses related to the SALESmanago domain. E.g. or

NOTE: Before you click “save” don’t forget to activate the rule in the upper right corner.


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