SMSAPI gateway configuration

SMS gateways let you send all sorts of messages: birthday SMS, newsletters, discount coupons, forms. With SALESmanago you can manage the sending of messages and create personalized content. To do this, integrate your SMS gateway with the SALESmanago system.


Before you start, make sure you have an active account with SMS API.

First of all, you need to set the recipient in the SMS API system.


Important: It is necessary to select the checkbox to states your right to use the sender name.


In SALESmanago, go to Settings → Integration → SMS gateway


[1] Choose SMS Gateway – select SMS API from the list.

[2] Login – enter the username that you use to sign in to your SMS API account.

[3] Password – enter the API Password, which is used to verify sending with SMS API. To change this password go to API Settings → API Password.

[4] From – enter the name of the sender, the same that you have set previously in SMS API (If you have more than one configured sender fields, you can enter them in SALESmanago, divided with commas). You can choose from which account to send just before the sending itself.

[5] Message Type – choose the same one you have set on your SMS API account.

  • Eco SMS – this type can be used to send messages to Polish GSM operators.
  • Pro SMS  this type can be used to send messages to Polish and other GSM operators. Pro messages can be sent using a sender name that was approved by the service provider name (max. 11 characters).

[6] Callback addresses – paste them in the SMS API system in API Settings → Callback URLs.

In Callback URLs – SMS reports – enter the SMS Delivery link (delivery report)

In Callback URLs – SMS receiving – enter the SMS Response link (read status report)

SMS Delivery link –…

SMS Response link…

Reports can be found in Mobile Marketing → Mass SMS Analytics or on contact card in the Messages tab (under Sent Email History). In the

In the Delivery Status column, there are numbers forwarded from theSMS API system. The detailed description of this specification you can find here

You can find the specification here

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