URL addresses in links – URL patterns

In the automation rules tab events and conditions that are available, require providing URL pattern for example „contact clicked URL”.

The URL pattern will help in browsing for a particular phrase.

If you provide a simple line of characters the system will search for it in URL, for example:

spain added to URL and includes the word spain
tour added to URL and includes the word tour such as: /tour.html, /tour/info.html,/search-trips/?tour=true, /search-trips/?q=tour
holiday added to URL and includes: /search-trips/?holiday=true, /search-trips/?q=holiday

It is also possible to search for more then just one text in URL address. Use a prefix any: and then enter search phrases, separated by commas, afterwards. Examples:

any:seminar, info fits to URL /info/seminar.htm and to /a/b/c/seminar.txt
any:canary, islands fits to URL /canaryislands-trip, /holiday/islands

To use URL pattern you need to start with typing path: URL pattern consists of few characters combinations:

? can be fitted to any singular character
* can be read as 0 or more random characters, without the separating character /
** can be read as 0 or more characters in a random path order

Find examples below:

path:/** – corresponds to any URL address
path:/**/seminar* corresponds to for example URL /info/seminar.htm but also to /a/b/c/seminar.txt
path:/*canary* corresponds to URL /island-canary-trip but not to /holiday/island-canary-trip (see example below) 
path:/**/*canary* corresponds to such URLs as: /holiday/island-canary-trip, /island-canary-trip, /island-canary-trip
path:/*spain* corresponds to URL /spain-trip but not to /holiday/spain-trip. To make the pattern correspond to the other URLs and including the word „spain” you need to use: 
path:/**/*spain* corresponds to all URL addresses that include word „spain” in „file name” for example /spain-trip, /spain-trip.htm, /trips/spain-trip.htm but does not corresponds to URL that includes spain in „catalogue name” which means that for example: /trips/spain/trip-barcelona.htm to match a word in the catalog’s name you need to use
path:/**/*spain*/** corresponds to such URL addresses as: /trips/w-spain-w/trip-barcelona.htm, /trips/w-spain-w/trip-barcelona/i np. /trips/w-spain-w/trips-barcelona/trip.html
path:/**/*tour* corresponds to such URL addresses as: /search-trips/?tour=true, /search-trips/?q=tour
path:/**/*holiday* corresponds to such URL as: /search-trips/?holiday=true, /search-trips/?q=holiday
path:com/t?st.htm – corresponds to com/test.htm and com/tast.htm or com/txst.htm
path:com/*.htm – corresponds to all the files .htm w catalogue com
path:com/**/test.htm – corresponds to all the files test.htm in any subcatalogue com path

To use a regular phrase you need to start a text with reg: for example:

reg:.*canary.* corresponds to such URL addresses as:  /holiday/island-canary-trip, /island-canary-trip, /island-canary-trip

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