Action: send email to a contact

Sending automatic emails is typical for Marketing Automation. You can send all kinds of emails with personalized messages.

  • A welcome message
  • Dynamic emails
  • Repeat sending
  • A predefined email using Trigger Point to be sent to contacts that, for example, score at least 300 points
  • Cyclical emails-Drip Campaign. Emails/Newsletters that are sent on a specified schedule. For example, every 2 days, 5 days, etc.
  • Emails sent with the Lead Nurturing Campaign
  • Emails sent specifically addressing what the contact was interested in on the website
  • Emails sent specifically addressing the product that the user clicked on
  • Email sent with coupon



To set this action:

[1] The type of action: send email to a contact

[2] Email: choose an email

[3] Time: select the time after which an email will be send

Example: conditions are set to be checked after 14 hours since an event occurred. In “action” window set the message to be sent after 7 hours.


rule 1

Therefore, after an event occurred at 1:25 AM, conditions are checked after 14 hours – at 3:25 PM. If conditions are fulfilled, 7 hours – set in the action – are counted. A message will be sent at 10:25 PM.

Instead of specifying the time of a message sending, you can click the option “Adjust send time automatically from contact activity“. Then, a message will be send at hour and/or on a day, depending on:

  • contact’s activity on a page
  • reaction on emails (not only clicks, but openings as well)
  • external events (basket, purchase), if there is the integration with SALESmanago.

Analytics (daily and hourly) can be found in a contact card, in ‘events’ tab.

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