Automation Rules – list of automation rules

Automation rules make creating automated marketing campaigns possible; moreover, it allows optimizing eCommerce sales and makes working with B2B  easier. List of Automation Rules provides you with a preview of all rules, which have been created in the system. It is also a place from which you can quickly access the analytics of the rules, you can go to editing mode and activate rules.

To display the list of automation rules go to


[1] + Add new rule – click the button if you want to create a new automation rule.

[2] Action – choose a group of automation rules and choose an action that will be directed towards the group. You can choose from:

  • Activate – switch on the group of rules.

  • Deactivate – switch off the group of rules.

  • Export – you can send the statistics about the group of rules to the Content Repository.

    • [A] Choose the time range from which you want to export statistics – specify the time.
    • [B] Choose the file from the Content Repository to which the file with statistics will be sent.
    • [C] Choose the rules to be exported – you can choose either all rules from the group or select particular rules from the group.
    • [D] Set as a private file – once you mark this option, only the user who exports the file will have access to it.

[3] Searching

  • Search – you can search rules that you have already saved in the system. Just type in the name of the rule or a phrase it contains.
  • Filter – advanced searching on the list. You can search through the whole number of groups of rules or you can search within one group.

[4] Sort – you can display the rules according to names, date of creation or date of modification. You can also choose how you want to display the rules – either in the form of list or icons.

[5] Automation rule – this is how looks like on the list displayed as an icon. In the right corner of the icon, there is a ribbon that indicates the status of the rule. It can be either active or inactive.

[6] Edit – click the button and you will be redirected to the view from which you can edit the automation rule.

[7] Analytics – the button redirects to the statistics about the chosen rule. The statistics include the number of activations and contacts for which the rule was activated.

[8] Action – from the dropdown list choose the action for the rule:

  • Duplicate – copy the rule. Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the editing mode.
  • Cancel planned emails – you can cancel the emails that are meant to be sent to the contacts which fulfilled the conditions specified in the rule.
  • Activate – switch on the rule.
  • Delete – delete the rule from the system.
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