Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to manage your contact database in a quick and easy way. Customize this feature according to your needs.

CDP in SALESmanago ensures you with a quick access to the complete customer’s profile, unique possibilities of contact segmentation in the system, comfortable and effective contact management in sales funnels, increased efficiency of sales departments due to the tasks and alert systems and also provides you with a possibility of executing mass activities on the group of contacts.

Key features

  • Create and manage your contacts database
  • Fuel your CDP automatically with customer data
  • Personalize content and delivery time for each individual contact
  • Build 360* profiles with personal, transactional and behavioural data in one place
  • Create segments based on behaviour, transactions and any custom data
  • Use scoring to identify the hottest leads and their real interests
  • Alert your team about leads’ activity
  • Learn what is the best hour and day to contact your customer
  • Manage your sales with notes, tasks and reminders
  • Structure, measure and optimize your sales process with funnels


CDP module lets you add contacts to the system together with their detailed data and gives you the access to information included in the contact cards. Collected information can be exported to the file and used for preparing reports. Additionally, the module enables constant contact activity on your website.

CDP – import and export of the data, contact base analytics, information about contacts


Manage the contact flow in the sales funnels and campaigns. Get yourself acquainted with the exemplary processes of automating the sales processes.

Campaigns, sales funnels and manage leads – sales campaigns processes, examples of sales funnels, managing the processes on the groups of contacts


Take advantage of the mass contact management

Manage contacts – list of actions possible to execute on contacts groups


With a potentially unlimited number of users, marketing and sales teams will be able to cooperate more effectively.

Creating and managing user accounts – creating, editing and account management, assigning owners to contacts
Sharing data between accounts – the scope of account permissions
Assigning user tasks to contacts – creating task categories, task management, adding tasks

User’s consent for receiving communicates is necessary while conducting marketing activities. Take advantage of the tool designed for creating and archiving the consents in the system.

Managing consents in SALESmanago – creating and adding consent to the forms

Deep Behavioural Profiling it’s the latest module used to advanced monitoring contacts on your website. Now, you can monitor and save information about all your customer interactions with a specific product.

Deep Behavioural Profiling – what it is and for what this feature is useful?

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