Configure newsletter after the subscription is confirmed

Forms, pop-ups and sidebars that are available on SALESmanago operate with the double opt-in or require a mandatory subscription confirmation by the user. After filling in the form, the system sends the confirmation email.  After the contact clicks on the link we can then send a correspondence email.  Double opt-in allows you to keep a clean database and is also required by Polish law.

  1. By default, a message is sent with the same setting for all forms.
  2. Clicking on the confirmation link redirects the user to a standard confirmation page.
  3. The confirmation message can be customized to suit your needs.

The basic form of this message allows the use of the selected account for shipping, to customize its own theme and message as well as the page to which the user will be redirected to after clicking on a link.

This data will be provided when creating the form.

Select the account from which you want to send the confirmation message. You can choose a standard one, such as a or any other account you have already configured.

Enter the confirmation message.  Note: the email will fail if you do not have anything in the subject area. You can personalize the message, for example, by displaying the name of the contact.

In the body of the message, you can also use personalization (use HTML and CSS).

Select the page you want the contact to be redirected to when clicked. You can provide the URL of the landing page or any of the landing pages.

– Choose the content of the confirmation link – the text to confirm subscription.

– Optionally, you can send an alert to the owner of the contact informing them that the contact form has been filled out. The alert provides important contact information.

– Optionally, you can send to your email message an alert reminding you to fill out the form. [6] The alert provides important contact information. In the “Template alert” you can enter the information you would like when receiving the alert.

Our own confirmation template:

If you want to customise the layout of your message, use our own customised template.

Go to Email Marketing > Email Templates:


You have 2 additional fields; opt-in and content. Opt-in will have a confirmation link. Content will have the fields that need to be filled in while filling out the form.  You can use a variety of messages for a confirmation while using the same template.

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