Report on tag conversion

In SALESmanago you can generate reports detailing contact growth for specified tags and sales funnel stages, starting from the date contacts were added to the system.

Go to  Reports → Conversions & Behaviour


[1] Conversion (tag) – choose report type.

[2] Send report to – by default, the report is sent to the email address of the signed in user. You can enter any other email address into this field.

[3] Add CC – you can also send a carbon copy to any number of recipients (separated with commas).

[4] Contacts created in the range of   select the checkbox and adjust values to specify the data range for the report. This data range is the period during which contacts have been added to SALESmanago (for example by import, contact form subscription or external integration).

[5] Sales funnel – select funnels for which you want to research conversion points. A smaller window will open where you can choose specific funnels and stages.

[6] Conversion points: Select tags – select tags for which you want to research the conversion rate of contacts added in the previously defined time period.

[7] Report name – enter a name so that you can find the report in the system later.

Now click Generate report. The system will start processing data in the background. When the analysis is completed, the report will appear on the table Contact Analytics (shown below).

TIP: SALESmanago assigns default names to reports, depending on their type. They will appear on the list of reports as such. 

In the Contact Analytics table, the report will be displayed under the name CONVERSION2.


Click Open on an entry to see the detailed view of that report.



The report starts with general information on the analyzed data set, including the number of contacts in the data set, the data range (if applicable), the type of conversion that was analyzed,

[8] Source of the initial visit to your website – information on the sources from which contacts first enter your website while they are still anonymous (unidentified).

[9] Attribution of marketing channels prior to conversion – information on the sources from which contacts enter your website, from the moment of their initial visit to the moment when they are identified (that is, when a contact card is created for them).

[10] Source of the last visit to your website prior to conversion – information on the sources from which contacts enter your website during which they are identified (that is, added to the database).

[11] Conversion points – how leads are generated – a list of tags assigned to contacts for whom the report was generated

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