Manage contacts: Run the rule

SALESmanago allows you to perform collective contact management. In the Manage Contacts panel, you can choose actions you want to direct towards the contact group. By means of Action Run the rule, you can manually activate the automation rule towards the group of selected contacts.

IMPORTANT: Usually, the rule activates automatically when the contacts fulfill the specified conditions. In this feature, you can force subsequent activation of the rule for the specific group of contacts.

Additionally, the number of activations of the rule for a specific contact established in the rule is taken into consideration in every situation. It means that each time the activation of the rule by means of the panel Manage contacts for the contact who already have used the limit of the rule activation, will not succeed.

Go to CRM => Contacts list => Manage contacts

Above the list of action you can find fields in which you can define the contacts for which you want to trigger the action. Determine the contact group and then choose the action Run rule marked on the list of actions on the illustration above. Then, go to the settings of the action.

[1] Action type – select the checkbox so the rule can be activated. Choose the rule from the dropdown list.

IMPORTANT: Avoid using the same name for several rules as it may cause a number of problems when running them through contact management.

[2] Check the rule condition verification – for each contact the rule will be activated only if relevant conditions are met. If you leave this option unchecked the system will perform actions set in the rule, ignoring the conditions.

IMPORTANT: When running the rules from this point, the time interval between the moment when the event occurred and verification of the conditions in the rule is ignored – all conditions are verified immediately after the action has been run. However, if in the action of the automation rule the action has been set to run after a specified time period (e.g. ‘Send an email message after 10 hours’) – this time period will be respected.

Confirm your choices by clicking the button Confirm actions.

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