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In the SALESmanago system, the contacts can be assigned with various statuses. They can either restrict or expand the possibilities for the system actions towards the user, e.g. sending emails. Moreover, the status gives you some useful hints like the validity of the email address (e.g. contacts marked as invalid indicates the difficulties concerned with delivering the email because of the wrong email address). The statuses in the system are marked by dots in four colors.


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  1. The kinds of contact statuses in the system
  2. Important information

1. The kinds of contact statuses in the system

The SALESmanago system differentiates the following contact statuses:

monitorowany– monitored contact – tagged with a capital   – additional status options include: opt-in, opt-out, deleted. For more information on contact monitoring click here

niemonitorowany– non-monitored contact – tagged with a capital  N – additional status options include: opt-in, opt-out, deleted.

monitorowany– opt-in contact – marked with a green dot. Contacts with this status have been subscribed to mailing campaigns. The opt-in status has been set as default for all contacts imported from SALESmanago to the database.

optout– opt-out contact  –  marked with an orange dot. Opt-out contacts have been unsubscribed from mailing campaigns. SALESmanago will not send any messages to such contacts.

 – hard bounces – marked with a dark grey dot. Email addresses defined as hard bounces are likely to be incorrect so the system does not deliver any messages to such contacts. The problem with delivery must have occurred permanently. Any repeated attempts at delivering messages will also fail. More details available here

2. Important information

  • When importing the database from a file to SALESmanago system, all contacts receive the opt-in status by default.
  • Contacts are subscribed to the contact form as opt-outs. The contact status will change to opt-in only after the subscription has been confirmed.
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