This function (SETTINGS -> DICTIONARIES) is linked to the event set-up option (WEBSITE MARKETING-> EVENTS MANAGEMENT). Using dictionaries you can add dropdown lists with search predictions (autocomplete), which can be later adjusted to selected fields in the events.

In order to add a new dictionary go to SETTINGS  -> DICTIONARIES -> select ADD DICTIONARY


[1] Name enter dictionary name, which will help you retrieve and identify the dictionary in the system.

[2] Dictionary content – add a list of events to be included in the auto-complete feature. The file should be created as a spreadsheet saved in one of the following formats: xls, xlsx, cvs. The header row should contain the column name, followed by suggested terminology.

[3] System dictionary –  select entries defined in the system

a) company name – SALESmanago will load company names uploaded to your account in the system  (CRM -> COMPANY&EMPLOYEE LIST -> COMPANIES). 

Import:  if you insert a file (into the dictionary content) with company names and select (in the system dictionary) company name – all company names will be combined in the auto-complete feature. If two identical company names occur, they will not be duplicated.

b) country name – auto-complete will contain the names of all countries.

[4] Save – to add the dictionary click ‘Save’.

Note: the system allows adding several dictionaries.

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