FAQ – explanations of terms and most common errors in eCommerce integrations

In this article, you have answers to most frequently asked questions concerning integrations with eCommerce platforms that we have prepared for you. Thanks to the answers we provide, you can solve problems easily without any assistance from IT. Check how easy it is.


  • Questions about terms and most common errors
  • Plugins compatibility – possible problems


QUESTION: What is Error 0?
That is a general unhandled error resulting from the error in how the script of integration works with a particular eCommerce platform. The error usually results from a specific configuration of a platform or a server and it requires an individual approach to solve this problem. To put is simple: probably your platform has some dedicated solutions which are not publicly available in the basic version of the eCommerce platform. In such a case, please contact our customer service at success@salesmanago.pl. We will be pleased to help you with that problem.

QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems with contacts export?
When you export a base with the number of contacts not exceeding 10 thousand, remember that the process can last even a few minutes and this process should not be disrupted (i.e. by closing or refreshing the browser). What is more, the export of contacts from the level of integration module is recommended for platforms with maximum 10-15 thousand of contacts. When the number of contacts exceeds 10-15 thousand, it is recommended to import contacts to SALESmanago in CVS or XML file. These recommendations are due to API method limitations.

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QUESTION: What are the rules of sending statuses of newsletter subscription?
Our modules synchronize data between an integrated eCommerce platform and the SALESmanago app. That is why the contact status should be the same in both platforms. If in SALESmanago database there is a contact who has already given a consent for receiving marketing content and at the same time this person registers on the integrated platform as a new client who does not give his consent, the status of this person in SALESmanago system is changed to the status that is given on the platform. To avoid overriding consent status in SALESmanago at the moment when it has already been given, we implemented a feature (optional) which verifies and downloads the consent status from SALESmanago.

This option is available in the integration settings after login in (Account settings → Download consent status of the contact in SALESmanago while registration). Thanks to that feature, the new client who registers in the eCommerce platform (without giving marketing consent) and exists in the SALESmanago database, is not signed out in SALESmanago on the condition that such consent has already been given (pop-up, newsletter). What is more, the consent is downloaded from SALESmanago and transferred to the integrated platform.

QUESTION: What should I do when after the module is updated, the problem with displaying the menu correctly (white background, a problem with UI styles) occurs?
It is most likely that in platform cache there are still old CSS/js files. You need to empty the chache of the eCommerce platform, you can also refresh the browser by CTRL+F5. If the problem is still unsolved and in the browser console there are errors connected with css/js files of the module, inform DEV about the problem.


QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems with login to the plugin?
Our PrestaShop modules use friendly URL addresses and it is required to switch on this option in settings so that the module works correctly. In case of problems with login, we recommend verification whether the option is switched on (Preferences → URL data and SEO → Friendly URL address). At the same time remember that friendly URL addresses work correctly only when the module mod_rewrite on the server is switched on. In case of any doubts or verification it is highly recommended to contact the operator of the eCommerce platform.

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QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems with export of contacts in WordPress?
Remember that only contacts who have an account on WordPress or WooCommerce can be exported. Export of contacts on WordPress is quite complex, contacts from WordPress blog and WooCommerce module are exported simultaneously. Problems with compatibility of export mechanism, versions od Woocommerce platform and WordPress may occur. In case of such a situation, you need to check versions of WordPress, Woocommerce as well as versions that are compatible with our plugin.

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QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems with login to a particular store view of the module?
Irrespective of the fact that in the menu of SALESmanago module a particular store view option is displayed, it does not mean that the store view is connected with a particular shop. Store view can be added to Magento configuration, but not the shop itself (not configured).

How to check it? Go to Magento configuration, select a particular store view and check base_url of the shop inserting it in the browser.

Checking base_url store view:

Magento 1 – Admin panel → System → Configuration → (select Current Configuration Scope:) → General/Web → Base URL.

Magento 2 – Admin panel → Stores → Configuration → (select: Store View:) → General/Web → Base URL.

If the website is uploaded from the URL – inform DEV, the situation needs an individual approach.

If there is a notification that the website is not found – it is a problem that store view is added but the shop itselt not – problem with Magento platform configuration.

QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems with loging to the global plugin configuration?
It is most likely that if the shop has the store view added (language versions), the general access is blocked. Then you need to configure each module separately on each store view (use the same SM account).

QUESTION: What can be a reason for problems that the plugin view is not displayed correctly?
Click in SALESmanago menu and there is a white background without any forms and plugin views. In the browser console you need to check whether there is a problem with chunk-vendors.js file. In case of any console errors concerning the file, inform DEV.



1. JCH Optimize Pro Plugin

POSSIBLE REASON: Our script involves an anonymous function. It means that or script (javaScript) is placed inside another script and that may cause problems with its activation.

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION: Turn off JCH Optimize Pro plugin and add the script beyond the plugin.

2. WP Rocket OPcache Plugin

POSSIBLE REASON: Cache of php files.

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION: Turn off the plugin and install SALESmanago plugin. Next, clear OPcache.


1. Plugins supporting payments

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Sometimes there are some problems with sending events, type PURCHASE.

POSSIBLE REASON: Most frequently it is time modification/blocking activation of webhooks that are responsible for this event.

SOLUTION: Contact our Customer Service. In this situation dedicated approach to each client is needed as well as changes in how the event PURCHASE works. Probably it will be necessary to make changes in the plugin itself or the platform.

2. Plugins responsible for building layout of the website

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Sometimes plugins cause problems with automatic addition of the monitoring script to the website.

POSSIBLE REASON: Most frequent reason is blocking the addition of script by means of a webhook since the footnote is built with other plugin and other webhooks.

SOLUTION: Contact our Customer Service. In this situation dedicated approach is needed. Probably it will be necessary to use the current plugin and implement our monitoring code in it.

3. Plugins responsible for a change in the purchasing process (one-page-checkout, custom checkout)

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Sometimes plugins cause problems with sending information about the contact and events, type PURCHASE.

POSSIBLE REASON: Most frequent reason is a change in webhooks activated in the purchasing process (creating accounts and orders).

SOLUTION: Contact our Customer Service. In this situation dedicated approach is needed. Probably it will be necessary to make changes in the client’s platform.

If you need more information about the topic mentioned above, please contact us: support@salesmanago.com +1 800 960 0640